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Myra spent her early years in Glasgow,living with her family in a tenement opposite the Glasgow Art Galleries and Museum, which was a favourite haunt.

Later the family moved to Knightswood, a suburb of the city with the great advantage that the local library was across the street from the house.

With such a source of books, Myra was able to read voraciously and began writing her own stories. One early attempt survives, though at around 900 words it might prove too short for today's market!

Throughout her teens she wrote short stories and plays and was spurred on by winning a national writing competition.

After a career teaching in Madrid and in London, Myra returned to Glasgow and a career in educational management before becoming Director of a Charity,SWAP, dedicated to assisting mature students with few qualifications access Higher Education.

During this time, Myra continued writing articles, short stories and found a publisher for her series on Management training, fourteen in total.

But her first love was always fiction and success with several short stories led to the Isle of Bute Mystery series.

With the first novel well-received, Myra made this the focus of her writing, with eight full-length novels and four novellas to date.

As a change from crime novels, Myra likes to write in other genres. So far she's written a children's mystery (set on Bute), a romantic suspense (set in Dumbarton) and a contemporary novel set in and around George Square in Glasgow.

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